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  • Guarantee

    It is our prime objective to give customers total peace of mind and remove any anxiety and unexpected expense that might be caused by an unforeseen mechanical failure. We will be fair, helpful, understanding and expedient in all cases.

    The customer is required to exercise due diligence in looking after their vehicle and to adhere to the manufactures service schedule. North Star will ensure servicing requirements are up to date upon delivery of the vehicle.

    North Star Sussex Limited undertake to guarantee the vehicle against any mechanical failure that may occur for 3 months or 3000 miles, which ever is reached first, this may be extended by paying a extra fee to 12 months or 12,000 miles.

    The Cover

    The Customer must report the fault to us without undue delay and return the vehicle to our premises for inspection and repair. If the vehicle is not drivable the company undertakes to assist in recovery to the maximum value of £75.00, and meet the full cost of repairs, parts and labour incurred by the occurrence of a mechanical failure during the guarantee period.

    A replacement vehicle will be available from our premises, subject to insurance terms & conditions (please request full details), if the required repairs can not be completed within two working days.

    The Cover Excludes

    • Repairs or replacements required as a result of accidents, misuse or lack of routine maintenance.
    • Any parts fitted after purchase that are not original specification or requirement
    • Electrical Component & Accessory faults noy due to mechanical failure
    • Damage from environmental conditions such as salt, hail, flood, chemical fallout and the like
    • Service and maintenance items subject to normal wear such as wiper blades, brake pads, clutch facings, light bulbs, fuses drive belts, tyres, upholstery and glass.

    Expenses incurred through the loss of the use of the vehicle, vehicle rental, travel costs, loss of earnings, lodging etc.

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